Rules & Regulations (effective:01/28/2014)

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Rules & regulations

For the mutual protection and benefit of plot holders in Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery, as well as the sacred grounds themselves, the following rules and regulations have been designed to encourage visits to this beautiful sanctuary, and to show the respect due to the reliquary of the saints, as well as provide a safe environment for all to come and enjoy.

Cemetery Hours: Following the light of the season, the cemetery will be open from sunrise until sunset. The management reserves the right to fix the opening and closing hours of the cemetery accordingly.

Visitors: “My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.” (Isaiah 32:18). We welcome all people to Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery as a place of prayer and contemplation. We reserve the right to ask anyone not respecting the dignity of this sacred space to leave.

Children: We request that an adult accompany children under 16 years of age.

Pets: No pets are allowed in the cemetery.

Smoking: No smoking is allowed anywhere on cemetery property.

Motor Vehicles: All vehicles must observe a 15 miles per hour speed limit.

Vehicles may not be parked on the entrance road, the Avenue of Peace. It is prohibited to leave any motor vehicle on any road or driveway within the cemetery or to park in such a position as to prevent another vehicle from being able to pass, and if so parked or left, the management may remove the vehicle. Vehicles are not allowed on unpaved or unmarked roadways, i.e. the hilltop area.

It is prohibited to drive on the burial grounds themselves without management’s approval (such as for opening and closing of a grave, or setting a grave marker).

Flowers and Ornamentation: We strive to work with the natural beauty of the land and the wildflower meadow.

Fresh flowers or potted plants: We allow only fresh flowers/plants on the graves, and they will be removed when finished blooming. Artificial flowers are not permitted. Glass or plastic vases are not permitted. These items will be removed by cemetery management without notification.

Ornamentation: In addition to planted flowers, a limit of two items is allowed at each traditional burial grave. A limit of one item is allowed at each infant/child grave. Additional items and/or plantings are not allowed in the Butterfly Garden cremation burial area or the St. Francis Walk cremation burial area. The cemetery staff may remove any ornamentation or decorations at the discretion of management without notification. The following items are specifically prohibited: any type of lighting, any type of border, stonework, glass, plastic, or toys.

Statues: The maximum height for any statue that IS NOT a part of the main monument is 20 inches. All statues must be white in color. No painted, multi-colored or concrete statue is allowed in the cemetery.

Candles: No candles of any kind are permitted on cemetery grounds.

Trees: No trees may be planted without the written permission of the cemetery management.

Planting of garden plots: Native plants or seeds highly recommended. An easement of three feet at the base of each regular grave must be left clear for access and pathways. Plantings that violate this easement will be removed.

Benches: The number of benches is restricted by lot and burial garden, and is dependent upon each particular lot schematic. Families may submit a request for a bench, and if approved by management, may choose from a pre-selected variety of teak wood benches that do not exceed 48 inches in width. The cemetery business office has a list of acceptable benches. A bench must remain within the boundaries of the lot holder’s spaces; a bench must be kept in good working order and acceptable appearance as deemed by cemetery management (legal lot holder is responsible for condition); benches cannot be affixed to the grounds or raised by any means. Customer supplied/purchased benches are not allowed in the St. Francis Walk or the Butterfly Garden cremation burial areas. Benches that are not approved by OLOTR management will be removed. Limit one bench per grave. Benches that violate any of these guidelines will be removed without notice. OLOTR management retains full and final discretion and judgment regarding bench restrictions, acceptance, placement and removal.

Note: As of July 11, 2018, bench color restrictions go into effect. Approved colors for benches include the following: natural teak or black, brown, dark green or white paint.

Note of liability: the cemetery management and staff are not liable for vases, floral pieces, baskets, flowers, plants, trees, ornamentation, benches, or any additional items placed on spaces.

Conduct in the Cemetery: A Catholic cemetery is a consecrated and holy place; we must all work together to preserve the integrity of this sacred space. Any person or person(s) deemed acting inappropriately or offensively by management or whose actions are in violation of the cemetery rules and regulations will be asked to leave the premises. In the event of non-compliance, local authorities will be involved for the parties’ removal from OLOTR property.

Picnicking: Picnicking is only allowed in the designated area by the pond. NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED.

Flowers and Shrubs: Please refrain from picking any flowers or plants, so that all may enjoy their beauty.

Solicitation: No soliciting and no advertising in the cemetery.

Improper Assemblages: The management reserves the right to forbid and prevent assemblages that are deemed improper.

Improvements: All improvements or alterations of plots in the cemetery shall be under the direction of and subject to the approval of the management and should be made in written consent. The management reserves the right to remove, alter or change such improvements or alterations with no warning and at the expense of the plot holder.

Outside Workers: No worker other than employees of the management will be permitted to work in the cemetery without permission from the management.

Employees: Cemetery employees are not permitted to do any work for plot holders except upon the order of the management, but are required to be courteous to all visitors.

Security: The management shall have the right to maintain security if it deems necessary, but is under no legal obligation to do so.

Loss or Damage: The management disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control, especially from damage by an act of nature, the elements, thieves, vandals, malicious mischief makers, unavoidable accidents, error or accidents caused by outside contractors or any cause similar, whether the damage be direct or collateral.

Care: The care of the cemetery is to be understood as the care and maintenance of plots necessitated by natural growth and ordinary wear and includes cleaning, planting, cutting, and maintenance of roadways and walks, and keeping the shrines and featured monuments in good order. It does not mean the reconstruction of any marker or concrete work of any section of a plot or part injured or damaged by any cause beyond management’s reasonable control. Easements and access shall be granted to the management for all walkways, as needed to install/maintain monuments and open/close burial spaces.

Temporary Crosses: Pending availability, OLOTR provides custom temporary crosses for families to utilize until their permanent marker or monument arrives. These crosses will be removed 1) after a period of six months; OR 2) when the permanent monument is installed if the permanent monument is ordered; OR 3) as deemed necessary by management.

Monuments: Monuments to fit every budget are sold exclusively through the cemetery. Only under special interment situations (i.e. disinterment/re-interment) will the cemetery approve an outside commissioned monument. The owners/director of the cemetery will determine the acceptance of an outside commissioned monument. For pre-approved outside monuments, the cemetery MUST have samples submitted for approval by the family to the cemetery, in order to keep the quality and unity of the cemetery’s sacred art. Outside monuments that are approved are required to pay a maintenance fee of 15% of the value of the monument or $200.00; whichever is greater. Approved outside monuments must be installed by the cemetery staff/contractors at an additional cost.

General Requirements of Monuments: A monument must mark each grave and contain a symbol of faith from the Abrahamic tradition. A couple or family may share one monument with approval of the cemetery. OLOTR Cemetery retains comprehensive design approval on all monuments and markers.

All monuments should be in leuders limestone, or granite.

Black, dark grey, or bronze monuments are NOT allowed, unless approved by the cemetery.

Monuments/Markers in the cremation area (Butterfly Garden) must be 2’ x 1’ flat granite.

Monuments on a single space must be a minimum of 35inches tall, with a maximum of 75inches. Monuments on a single space must be a minimum of 16inches wide, with a maximum of 24inches.

Exceptions require the cemetery’s approval.

Monuments on two spaces must be a minimum of 35inches tall, with a maximum of 75inches.

Monuments on two spaces must be a minimum of 20inches wide, with a maximum of 36inches.

Exceptions require the cemetery’s approval.

Flat markers are allowed in all burial gardens. Specifications of flat markers are to be approved by OLOTR Cemetery.

Notice: OLOTR Cemetery must order your burial marker or monument no later than 21 days after you have paid at least 50% of the cost of the marker or monument; you have paid in full all charges for the interment spaces and corresponding required perpetual care, and you have signed the necessary documentation directing or authorizing OLOTR Cemetery to order the marker or monument. The burial marker or monument order date is the day the provider receives the signed stencil proof; not the date the burial marker or monument contract is signed.

OLOTR Cemetery must set your flat marker not later than 15 days after you have inspected and accepted the marker, and you have paid in full all charges for marker and interment spaces, including required perpetual care and any setting fees.

OLOTR Cemetery must set your upright monument not later than 25 days after you have inspected and accepted the monument, and you have paid in full all charges for the monument and interment spaces, including required perpetual care and any setting fees.

If OLOTR Cemetery is unable to set your burial marker or monument by the aforementioned deadlines, OLOTR Cemetery will notify you in writing not later than the 5th day after the date by which your marker or monument is required to be set and inform you of the reason for the delay, and the date by which OLOTR Cemetery expects to be able to set your marker or monument.

Memorial stones for the St. Francis Walk cremation burial area are consistent in design and layout to maintain the natural look of the burial garden. The selection of shape and size of stone, graphic choice, and text are limited to retain consistency. The monument provider and OLOTR will determine and finalize the design of these memorials based on information provided by the client.

Monument Alterations: Alterations to monuments are not allowed, including but not limited to: additional ornamentation; pictures; or statues. Any alterations or additions to monuments and/or the monument structure, if altered beyond repair, will be removed by cemetery management at the expense of the space holder. Monuments are defined as the flat base marker and/or the upright structure.

Monument Maintenance: The Cemetery will be responsible for the keeping of monuments level through the use of the monument maintenance care assessment, included in the purchase price.

These Rules and Regulations may be updated or changed without warning, as the management deems necessary. Please see our website for the most current information.

It is our great honor to be stewards of the natural beauty at Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery and Prayer

Gardens. We hope to create the most inspirational cemetery possible.

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, please contact us through our website at, or by calling our office at (512) 863-8411 between 9:30am and 5pm Monday through Friday.


“We are thankful to have our wife and mother in such a peaceful place, that is so much in harmony with the things she loved dearly.”

- The Golden Family