Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery Newsletter — March. 2013

St. Francis Walk Dedication
Dedication Ceremony Well Attended

The St. Francis Walk, Our Lady’s new cremation burial garden, was blessed by Msgr. Louis Pavlicek on March 10th in a special dedication ceremony.


Msgr. Pavlicek led a procession of OLOTR guests through the Prayer Path of St. Francis, nestled peacefully among the trees along the pathway.

After the blessing of the graves in the St. Francis of Assisi Garden, and recitation of the Beatitudes along the path, the ceremony was concluded with a prayer given by Msgr. Pavlicek.


Field of Flowers Scheduled for April 7th
Many Families Already Beautifying Their Spaces

Many families have enhanced the spaces of their loved ones with plantings for the spring and also in preparation for the Field of Flowers event at Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery & Prayer Gardens on April 7th.


Blackfoot Daisy

The staff at Our Lady is often asked what type of native plants are best suited for the brutal hot summer heat.  Below is a list of colorful, adaptable native plants that are recommended for the cemetery grounds by the Master Gardeners who volunteer their services at Our Lady:


Fall Aster, Calylophus, Red Scullcap, Texas Betony, Miniature Roses (knock out), Rock Roses, Salvia Greggii, Salvia Henry Duelberg, Blackeyed Susan, Blackfoot Daisy, Daisy-Engelmann, Columbine-yellow and red, Damianita, Gaura, Hymenoxys, Lambs Ear, Penstemon Rock, Phlox Garden, Primrose Missouri, Cherry Sage, Jerusalem Sage, Zexmenia, Verbena, Wine Cup, Purple Coneflower, and Turks Cap.


A family member recently shared with the staff, “In what other cemetery can you walk amongst the wildflowers, rest on the deck at the pond’s edge, sit for a while in the picnic area, be delighted by the butterflies and birds, stroll the Prayer Path of St. Francis through the wooded area, and be surrounded by God’s beauty, peace, and grace?”.

We are proud to serve as stewards of Our Lady’s grounds, and assist our families in their time of need and beyond.  It is ourgoal to provide a sanctuary of peace and comfort.


Be sure to mark your calendars for April 7th and join us for ourspring-time celebration of life!


Ornamentation at Our Lady
Rules and Regulations: Burial Space Ornamentation


The mission of Our Lady is to strive to work with the natural beauty of the land.  The following is an excerpt from the Rules and Regulations regarding burial space ornamentation:


Ornamentation: In addition to planted flowers, a limit of two items is allowed at each traditional burial grave. A limit of one item is allowed at each infant/child grave. Additional items and/or plantings are not allowed in the Butterfly Garden cremation burial area or the St. Francis Walk cremation burial area. The cemetery staff may remove any ornamentation or decorations at the discretion of management without notification.The following items are specifically prohibited: any type of lighting, any type of border, stonework, glass, plastic, or toys.


In preparation for the Field of Flowers event, the cemetery staff will be checking all burial spaces for violations of any Rules and Regulations, with special attention given to ornamentation.  Any items that are removed from a burial space will be placed behind the shed on the cemetery grounds and will be kept there until the week after Easter.  Items not reclaimed by April 6th will be permanently removed from the cemetery.
For a complete copy of the Rules and Regulations click on the following link to view the document online: OLOTR Rules and Regulations


REMINDER! Our Lady Has Moved to a New Office
Still on St. Helen campus grounds … different building!

Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery & Prayer Gardens has moved to a new office location.  The office is still located on the campus of St. Helen Catholic Church, 2700 East University Avenue, Georgetown, Texas 78626.  The new office space is in Building 7, which is also the location of the Adoration Chapel.

The phone number remains the same, 512-863-8411.

Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery & Prayer Gardens

Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery and Prayer Gardens is a special place of peace, beauty, reverence and unity. The Cemetery offers a variety of burial rites including traditional burial, green burial and cremation burial. We work directly with families and funeral homes in Austin and the surrounding areas to ensure that the burial service for your loved one is handled in the most caring and compassionate way.


The cemetery is open to people of all faiths from the Austin area and beyond. Whether you’re planning for the future or are in a time of need, the caring staff at Our Lady of the RosaryCemetery is waiting to walk by your side.


Visit the website at www.olotr.com.

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