Now Offering Traditional, Cremation, and Green Burial
Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery and Prayer Gardens is the first xeriscaped, perpetual care cemetery in the United States located in Central Texas on twenty acres of beautiful land overlooking the San Gabriel River Valley. The cemetery is a park-like setting for all to enjoy featuring a small waterfall; a natural spring-fed pond with a picnic area along the shore; prayer paths and nature trails; as well as a prayer grotto. In the springtime, wildflowers grow among the graves, offering a natural beauty and a testament to the lives of those who wait in peace for Christ's return.

Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery offers green, traditional, and cremation burial spaces, and is open to ALL faiths. We work with funeral homes in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock and the surrounding areas.

We look forward to offering you and your family the comfort and peace that comes with making your burial choices in advance of need. Please see our new current pricing. Credit cards are accepted and financing is available.

Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery is located outside of Georgetown, Texas. The cemetery serves the metropolitan areas of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Austin, including: Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Killeen/Temple/Belton, Waco, and Bryan/College Station, as well as San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.

Catholic Cemetery:

“The Church considers the cemetery to be a holy place and therefore wishes and urges that the new cemeteries be blessed and that a cross be erected as a sign to all Christians of hope in the resurrection” (Book of Blessing, 1418a).

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Christian Burial Rites:

Vigil for the Deceased (Wake): The Vigil (Wake Service) is truly a time to laugh, cry, remember and pray. A time to rejoice in all that the person was and is. This can truly be a healing time for all those who are hurting.

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Green Burial:

One of the best meditations on the Resurrection is found in the wondrous cycle of nature. Everything has a season, and our liturgical year has a cycle as well. In faith, we travel through the cycle of birth, life, death and resurrection.

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We are people of the Resurrection. The care in which we bury our dead is an expression of our faith in the victory of Christ over everlasting death. As it is written: “What is sown in the earth is subject to decay, what rises is incorruptible.

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Cremation can often be a confusing topic for Catholics. Many remember a time when the Church forbade cremation. This is no longer the case. In 1963, the Catholic Church began to allow Catholics to choose cremation as a burial option.

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“This cemetery is a welcoming spot," Mary Shields said in a recent feature in the Austin American Statesman."During the last anniversary of our daughter, Amy's death, Jimmy and I spent three hours there walking the nature trails going to the top of the hill and looking down. You don't see fake flowers; you see the natural beauty."

George Mirabella of Georgetown said his wife, Lucille Mirabella, wanted him to change their planned grave sites for Pflugerville to Our Lady of the Rosary in 2006 after she saw the cemetery. "She just liked the natural look. I go there every Sunday after Mass ....I'm glad she's there when the bluebonnets come. The cemetery is the only good thing about losing my wife.”

- Quoted from the Austin American Statesman Article


“My experience with the Staff and Ellen and Nick was so rewarding in the outcome of our Monument (Frankie's and Mine) is far beyond what I thought it would look like when it was completed...You were all so cooperative and willing to work with me when I was still in great need of compassion and help. Our family just loves the stone, and I know if Frankie could be here, he would say the same..He and I spoke about what we might like to have as far as a "marker" goes and we both agreed we would like it to resemble the award that we have at home...Your stone cutters and engraver did a fantastic job...I love to go out to the is so relaxing, spiritual and is just wonderful and Frankie and I have some great conversations.....I love you all for all you did for me and you have often told me "if there is anything we can do for you or help you with just ask"....God bless”

- Janet Krall