The Catholic Cemetery: A Sacred Place of Resurrection

“The Church considers the cemetery to be a holy place and therefore wishes and urges that the new cemeteries be blessed and that a cross be erected as a sign to all Christians of hope in the resurrection” (Book of Blessing, 1418a).

During each of our lives, a time comes when we are faced with the death of a loved one. At that moment, we turn to our faith and the Church for comfort and assurance of Jesus’ promise of resurrection. Our community of family, friends, and neighbors come and aid us in our time of grief offering comfort and consolation. The Church is there and continues to offer support and remind us of God’s love. As the final act of love, we gather in a Catholic cemetery and lay our loved one to rest in the promise of Christ.

Our Lady believes that the Catholic cemetery is a place of peace, hope, and unity. The Church teaches that even after death, we are all one body in Christ. Loved ones gather at the cemetery to visit and pray. We should always remember that we are united together, even in death, in the body of Christ.


“I was pleased to visit Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery for the first time--despite the weather! It is evident that you have created a place of serenity and beauty that provides healing for families, as they experience the loss of a loved one.”

- The Most Reverend Joe E. Vasquez, Bishop of Austin

“I deeply appreciate your commitment to the Church and the good work that is being accomplished at Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery.”

- Bishop Gregory Aymond | Diocese of Austin (2001-2009)

“A work of art. Spiritually refreshing.”

- Dr. Bill Boyd, husband of Paula Boyd

“Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery is as memorable as any beautiful basilica.”

- National Catholic Register