Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery is located in Georgetown, just North of Austin. We offer a variety of services and work with funeral homes in and around the Austin area.

Payment options available. Please contact the cemetery office at 512.863.8411 for more information.
Our Lady of the Rosary: Resurrecting the Cemetery

A Natural Return to Earth

This recent article ran in the Houston Chronicle on June 15, 2010. Catholic Cemetery Magazine April 2008 Featured Article written by Ben Trollinger to view this article please go to this link.

Master Plan: In 2005, Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery's Master Plan won the fourth place award in the prestigious international cemetery design competition out of London - the Phoenix Awards by Stoneguard. This was a rare award for an American cemetery, and our architectural designer and sculptress, Holly Kincannon of Archaic Stoneworks in Austin went to London to receive the award in the famous Brompton Cemetery Chapel.

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Item Price Per Item Perpetual Care Amount Monument Additional Burial Options Total Purchase Price
Garden of Precious Love $326.09 $48.91 $375.00   $750.00
Butterfly Garden Cremation Burial Includes Flat Marker $583.70 $87.55 $1,228.75   $1,900.00
Marian Garden Standard Space $2,434.78 $365.22     $2,800.00
Marian Garden Premium Space $2,608.70 $391.30     $3,000.00
St. Francis Garden Standard Space $2,434.78 $365.22   Two cremation burials are allowed $2,800.00
St. Francis Garden Premium Space $2,608.70 $391.30   One cremation and one Green or Traditional burial allowed or three cremation burials $3,000.00
St. Francis Walk Cremation Burial Standard Space Includes Flat Marker $2,086.96 $313.04 $1,000.00   $3,400.00
St. Francis Walk Cremation Burial Premium Space Includes Flat Marker (Path Frontage) $2,521.74 $378.26 $1,000.00   $3,900.00
St. Francis Walk Cremation Burial Standard Space w/Pillar Monument $2,086.96 $313.04 $4,500.00   $6,900.00
St. Francis Garden Green Burial Tree Line Garden(Nearest Road) $3,913.04 $586.96     $4,500.00
St. Francis Garden Green Burial Tree Line Garden $4,347.83 $652.17     $5,000.00
Holy Family Garden Standard Space $3,043.48 $456.52     $3,500.00
Holy Family Garden Premium Space $3,304.35 $495.65     $3,800.00
Holy Family Garden Exclusive Space $3,826.09 $573.91     $4,400.00

Complaints concerning Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery should be directed to:
Texas Department of Banking, 2601 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78705 1-877-276-5554 (toll free);


“I deeply appreciate your commitment to the Church and the good work that is being accomplished at Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery.”

- Bishop Gregory Aymond | Diocese of Austin (2000–2009)