Rev. Dean Wilhelm

Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery serves Catholics from around the Diocese of Austin. Read what Rev. Dean E. Wilhelm from St. William Parish in Round Rock had to say about his experience.

“As Pastor of St. William Parish, I have counseled many families who have lost loved ones. This has given me the unique opportunity to become united with them in Christ, just as we become one with Jesus as we receive the Eucharist. We believe in the resurrec¬tion of the body and life in Christ everlasting. In that capacity, Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery provides a unique, peaceful and reflec¬tive atmosphere for celebrat¬ing the life of a loved one. The consecrated grounds re¬mind us that our loved ones are never far from us and will always be with us in the Body of Christ. As a Priest, I am comforted to know that my fellow religious brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as myself, will be resting on blessed ground until we are once again reunited at the end of days.”


      Father Dean Wilhelm